Hello, and welcome to the personal website of an artist by the alias 'Bezumi Ye', or 'Bezu', for short. Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy your stay. 

    My specialty is animal portraits, although I do people as well. I dabble in a few other areas, such as: tattoos; fantasy; fanart; and original designs.

    Most work viewable to the public is either sketched digitally with a Genius tablet and pen, or traditionally with a pencil. Then it is digitally painted in Corel Painter. Pencil artwork is not often shown.

Commissions: closed until March 2016.

Limited 2016 spots available. 

Contact me to reserve a spot.

Latest News



11.21.15 - Website currently being updated. Commission prices are not up-to-date. Please refer to this page for accurate pricing. Thank you.


6.24.13 - Website redesigned.

6.22.13 Portraits - cat, horse - added

8.04.12 Site is Live!


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